Inmate killed and deputy critically injured in a shooting at the Vanderbilt clinic

NASHVILLE, TN – An inmate was killed and a deputy was critically injured in a shooting at the Vanderbilt clinic at 100 Oaks Mall on Wednesday afternoon.


Metro police said Robertson County Deputies Josh Wiley and Tomisha Jones were transporting inmate Rodney Cole to the Vanderbilt outpatient clinic at 100 Oaks.

At one point, Cole asked to go to the restroom and Wiley escorted him there. Cole somehow obtained a screwdriver and began stabbing Wiley.

“The prisoner, Cole, was on top of him, stabbing him with this long screwdriver,” said Metro police spokesperson Kris Mumford.

Mumford said Jones heard Wiley screaming her name. She burst into the restroom and found Cole on top of her partner.

Police said Jones then opened fire. During an ensuing struggle, Cole briefly got hold of Jones’ weapon before she was able to regain control of it.

Both deputies fired multiple shots. Cole was hit by the gunfire and died in the hallway.

“There was at least two guns involved. You have the screwdriver involved. So as this unfolds and as the investigation progresses, we will have more certainty,” Mumford said.

Wiley was injured in the shooting. He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and was last listed in critical condition. Jones was not injured.

Police said Cole, a convicted bank robber, had a medical condition and routinely went to the 100 Oaks clinic for check-ups.

Cole was serving a 15-year sentence. Police are working to determine how he got the screwdriver.

“Part of our investigation is how did he get this long screwdriver? That’s part of the investigation. We don’t’ have answers now,” Mumford said.

According to an alert from Vanderbilt, there is no longer an ongoing threat. Police worked to clear the building before the all clear was given just after 4:30 p.m.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center issued the following statement concerning the shooting:

“This afternoon at one of our clinics on the Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks campus there was an incident involving law enforcement officers from Robertson County escorting an inmate. The incident was quickly resolved but resulted in the inmate being shot and is deceased, and one officer being transported to Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital for treatment. There were no other injuries from this incident. In accordance our policies, and out of an abundance of caution, employees and visitors on the One Hundred Oaks campus were advised to shelter in place while a thorough sweep of the building was conducted by law enforcement officers. The safety and well-being of our patients and employees is always our first concern.”

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