Welcome to the US C-SOG National Center for Corrections Special Operations (NCCSO). This is the only training center in the world exclusively dedicated to the advancement of corrections special operations. This once functional facility was decommissioned and left fully operational. NCCSO, along with its partners, have dedicated resources to give the Corrections, Law Enforcement and the Military community a realistic experience for dealing with inmate emergencies from hostage rescue and close quarter riot control to the most basic function of removing inmates from micro spaces. Additionally, the Center is capable and outfitted to conduct practical, as well as classroom, leadership development through the exclusive CSO Leadership Academy hosted by the NSA.

NCCSO Courses Program

This nearly 300 Bed pristine facility will be the center of all actual training that will incorporate the following unique national certification programs. Students will receive certification through both the National Sheriff's Association and Corrections Special Operations Association.
NCCSO will offer the following courses: