All students attending classes whether direct action or leadership classes will be issued NCCSO uniforms that will be color coordinate with their classes. These uniforms are brand and free for all students. It is important upon registration that uniform size sheet be completed or your registration can be delayed.

Direct Action Classes
Students are required to bring all of their issues equipment. Equipment will be inspected for safety upon arrival at the NCCSO complex. Any equipment that poses a safety risk to the student will be Red Tagged, and the student will be given the option to rent safety equipment or purchase their own from the pro-shop at the time of registration. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED ACCESS TO HIGH IMPACT TRAINING ZONE without safe and serviceable safety equipment. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

Leadership and Executive Classes
Executive Uniforms will be issued for all leadership and command classes.

Armors / Firearms Instructor Classes
Students will be issued approved restricted color Firearms uniforms. Only students in this program may wear these uniforms.

Registration Inspection
All students attending the NCCSO must complete a medical clearance form and attend NCCSO Orientation NO EXCEPTION.

K9 Check In
All K9 Handlers will have their K9 inspected by VET Tech. Grooming facilities will be made available for all handlers to use upon appt.
Any K9 that can not pass a K9 Physical agility test will be asked to get agency clearance through an independent veterinarian
ALL K9 will under lease and muzzle while on compound until K9 Inspection and pre-obedience test completed


Check In
Students will check in at main registration admin center upon arrival.

students bring their agency vehicle will need to have to park their vehicle in agency only parking spaces.

Personal Vehicles
Are allowed, students must bring registration, proof of insurance and Valid State DL Vehicles may not be driven on any ranges under any circumstances without proper Vehicle decal