LE Security Disclosure and Warning
NCCSO reserves the right to refuse application from any of the following reasons
1. if application is not filled out
2. If Information cannot be verified
3. If Information is falsified in any way
4. If Information provided was under false or misleading
5. Student is not affiliated with a certified LE/Corrections/Active or Reserve Military Unit

International Teams and Individuals
All international agencies will have to have pre-cleared US D.O.S. – US Department of State Clearance. NCCSO will assist with all paperwork and logistics through the International Gov Division

All students attending the NCCSO bringing their assigned firearms will be required to check in all weapons at the compound armorary that is BATF Approved. NO WEAPONS DUTY OR PRIVATE MAY BE CARRIED on the compound under no circumstances.

All students, visitors must be issued an ID, and it must be worn at all times while on the complex. You will need this ID to gain access to all building, cafeteria and Pro-shop, housing and Classrooms. Failure to have ID and individual may be escorted off the compound.