Chatham Co. officers attacked by inmates diagnosed with mental health issues

CHATHAM CO., GA -For Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher, the number one priority is the safety of his officers – making sure they go home each night to their families.

That’s easier said than done when mental health inmates – off their medications – are added to the mix.

On Friday, the sheriff showed me pictures of one officer who just had his head split open by an inmate being escorted to make a phone call. Those pictures are much too graphic for television.

However, videos that were shown to Georgia State Senator Lester Jackson and Congressman Buddy Carter during their tour of the jail Wednesday give all of us a better idea of what happens behind steel doors.

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When you’re being treated for a mental health issue – from bipolar disorder to schizophrenia – don’t get arrested in Chatham County. Whatever assistance you were getting for medication will be cut off before the cell door slams. What happens next is nothing more than the roll of the dice.

Sheriff Wilcher has dozens more violent incidents on camera.

At the jail on Wednesday, I spoke with a recent officer attacked by a mental health inmate. Officer Deandre Gibbs learned the hard way that these inmates are constantly looking for a weakness to exploit. Gibbs was the sole officer in a 30 inmate pod when he was attacked for the first time by a mental health inmate.

“It was in February. I put an inmate out to get on the phone. When he came out, I put leg cuffs on him. He ran out and I talked to him and pulled him to the side and he scratched my face,” Officer Gibbs said. I would say it’s a learning process for me because that was my first time going through that. So, the next time, I have to face that I know what to do.”

Like hundreds of others, this won’t be his last inmate attack. You accept that reality, or you leave.

“I felt like I’d be quitting on the team, and I’m not a quitter. I like to keep going, push through it and keep fighting,” said Officer Gibbs.

Wednesday, Sheriff Wilcher saw how deep the support for a cure is when Congressman Buddy Carter, State Senator Lester Jackson, and County Commissioner Helen Stone came for a tour of the jail and to hear stories of the infinite potential for violence.

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Humboldt County Jail inmate attacks two nurses, Correctional Deputy

EUREKA – Humboldt County Jail nurses and a Correctional Deputy are hurt following an assault by an inmate.

This is the second assault by an inmate at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility since just over a week ago on August 11th.

42-year-old Taume DeMarco was booked into the jail on the 9th for assault with a deadly weapon and was being housed in a maximum security cell.

Saturday evening at 8:35, nurses were giving DeMarco his medication when he struck one of them.

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Two inmates escape in transport van after overtaking Corrections Officers

MAJOR COUNTY, Oklahoma -A manhunt is underway for two escaped inmates who reportedly stole a vehicle driven by Inmate Services Corporation, ditched it then stole another vehicle.

According to authorities, two inmates, Andrew Jason Foy and Darren Weld overtook two transport officers and stole a transport van near Hwy 412 in Orienta, Major County at approximately 3:25 a.m. Tuesday.

The inmate transport company was headed to Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas to pick up inmates.
The van was en route to a correctional facility in Kansas. Authorities are unsure where the inmates are headed. Early reports from authorities said the pair may be headed to Tulsa, but the sheriff’s office can’t confirm which direction the van went.

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Teenage inmate accused of starting fire in his Beaufort County Detention Center cell

A Beaufort County Detention Center inmate is accused of setting fire to objects in his holding cell on the eve of his 18th birthday.

Darryl Bradley, 18, of St. Helena Island faces a felony charge of second degree arson in connection with an incident on Aug. 5, according to Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Bob Bromage.

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